Life As I Know It.

I don’t like to think that everything in our life is pre- determined. Life is too vast, too precious, too sought-after for it all to be laid out word for word, where we are just robots, doing what was already planned for us. It’s hard for me to grasp that all I have done, all … Continue reading Life As I Know It.


Letting Go – A letter to my rapist

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

Dear S,

I know you’ll never read this, as a matter of fact I’m sure you’ve never read a blog post in your entire life, but I’m not writing this for you. I’m writing this for me! I’m writing this for all of the men and women who are afraid to speak out against their attackers! People often ask “Why do girls stay silent? Why do girls not run to the cops and tell them they’ve been attacked?” The answer is different for everyone, and unless you have been a victim yourself, you have no right to ask such questions! I didn’t, and part of it was because I was scared, but the biggest part of all was that I was ashamed!  That’s right, you raped me and I felt ashamed! How messed up is that?! You took a bright, vibrant, romantic young woman & turned her into a scared…

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“Girls, Boys like it when..” How about N.O.

That Weird Brown Girl

“Girls! Boys like it when you do the thing that you really hate doing!”

“Here are 10 ways to utterly change yourself to snatch the man of your dreams!”

“Must-try ridiculous concoctions for the female body to attract the male species!”

“Ladies! Be yourself! Love yourself! No, not your way, follow our way to do it!”

You guys must have seen these headlines or titles in many fashion magazines, so let me start with a different example:

So I’m on this social media site, just chilling and scrolling, when I come upon certain posts like:

Image result for 9gag boys dont like it when girls wear septum rings Source: 9gag

Image result for 9gag boys dont like fake nails Source: Uber Humor

There are many more posts, with some people complaining about women wearing too much make-up or having tattoos all over their body makes them ugly, like, WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH PEOPLE?

Ever heard of personal taste? Or, how about the phrase “my life, I do what I want”?


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