The Start.

I can’t  believe I have finally done this. Months and months of deciding to start a blog only to put it in the back of my mind. I always thought I wont be able to continue it. I will slack and be bored. Which I probably eventually will. Because lets face it. If this blog doesn’t go anywhere, I will be sad. And frustrated. And just…not have the will to come with ideas every time. Even though these are my musings, you still need time to write.

But ignoring all that, right now I am bored. And the only thing I could think of was to write. Now I actually wanted to write a story…a novel maybe?  I thought I would upload on wattpad, or just keep it to myself. I even had an idea. But with writing a novel, you need motivation. And I am one those, whose novel wont be a short one. It will go on and on. I will know the end, the climax, the start…everything. But to navigate to those scenes it’s quite difficult. AND, I don’t plan my writing either. I wing it. Like right now, I don’t know what the next line is gonna be. Oops!

So anyway, I thought, lets start with something small. A blog.
I could write a big or a small paragraph. No one would care. Not now atleast. And when I have gained some confidence in my writing, I can maybe start a novel?  Who knows.

Here, I have decided I am gonna talk about everything. If I had any crazy dream, You are sure to read it, if I had any crazy idea, if I have a plot for a short story, what I thought about the book I just read, movie I just saw, the new game of thrones episode, the poems (I like to call them song lyrics) I just wrote, my life choices, any advice I can give (I suck at them but why not?). Anything and everything…it will all be right here.

For you to read and be like “Hey, even I had that thought. Wow, we are so alike!”

Yes, trust me. We are. I am a basic bitch. ;D

Maybe I shouldn’t I have written that word^, but you know what? This is Reverie land. And here I am allowed to do anything… kind of.

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “The Start.

  1. Hey! I just started a blog too for basically the same reasons! I’m bored and I love writing. I hope people love both of our blogs so we don’t have to be sad!! 👍🏼👍🏼

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