Life Without Internet.

There was once a time when we all would think, “What will I ever do without my phone?”

I know I know, a lot of you are thinking, we still think that. But you know what? Even if you have your phone but mind you with no internet, you are going to be like “What the hell am I going to do with this piece of crap.” And yes, you will be looking at your phone and saying that.

We all love our phones, Ipads, laptops etc etc to death. It’s a way to be connected with your friends, to social media and everything basically. But I will tell you something. I have limited access to the internet and  My phone,  SUCKS without internet. I am a huge social media following bee, human, puppet or whatever you want to call me. I am on instagram, twitter, tumblr…everything. And I love them all to death. You get to know so many people, their views,new stories, new talents. Oh goodness, so many things that my mind explodes and its still growing! Like what!? People get to show off their talents…so why not?

And its maybe sad to say, but I am addicted. I am addicted to reading these views, seeing new art works, seeing old or the new movies, listening to songs, watching videos.

Internet is a huge ball of candies, chocolates whatever you want to call it, and I want plus love everything.

I am a reader. I adore reading. I can read all day. But sometimes you want nothing more but to unwind and maybe watch a movie. Or go through various beautiful pictures of a place or a person. Anything. Literally you can do anything. And also, lets face it, How many times can you rewatch the bunch of movies you have on your laptop again and again?

And you know the worse part? I am not able to watch SO many TV series that I am dying to watch and the list is JUST GROWING (Hello…pretty little liars new season. WHO IS A.D?*Cries*)

Now you get me don’t you?

The only thing that has come in hand with no internet is I can say, reading a lot more, watching friends again and again, and having a hell load of time in which I have nothing to do. Ah, and also writing.

Yes, you guessed it. I wrote this because I am bored, and have no internet.

And also no balance, or else I would have been eating one of my friends head probably, saying whatever I just wrote.

Life. Without. Internet. Sucks.

And I SO don’t want to be a part of this group.

Until next time.



16 thoughts on “Life Without Internet.

  1. My phone doesn’t have Internet access, but I do love the Internet. 🙂 Haha, I consider myself addicted too, but mostly to WordPress and chatting with friends. I remember when a tree fell on the power line and knocked out our electricity, I was near panic. “No Internet WHAT DO I DOOOO?” (I read five chapters of a book while waiting for it to come back on. XD)

    Great post! ♥

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  2. My grandma has no internet, so I understand the struggle! Also once for Lent, I gave up YouTube and Facebook – and that was a very tough decision, but it encouraged me to explore other things to do like going outdoors or reading! It also helped me to combat procrastination and actually do my homework and get it out of the way! 🙂

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  3. I’m about to go on a writing retreat with no internet and am really panicking – hoping there will be a good phone signal so I can at least stay social! The internet rules our lives and it’s terrifying but true…and there’s no going back!

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