They start at a very early stage of your life, but maybe you aren’t aware of it. And then slowly it fills your mind. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you ask yourself endless questions or make futile wishes or compare yourself with your fellow friend…or even nemesis. They are always present. Perpetually plaguing you. Making you feel sorry about yourself.

Doesn’t it?

How many of you out there have insecurities? Filled with them to your very core, or some who very rarely come across it by your beautiful mind breaking your confidence with words that hurt and shake the confidence you have gained?

Its sad really. People who have such immense capability to be the best version of themselves are filled with self-doubts and questions nobody has answers to but you, yourself. Ofcourse some people like your friends, family or partner will help you achieve the goal of being completely happy with yourself. But then on the other hand there are people who gain massive satisfaction with being the type of person who will be mean and rude, highlighting all those parts of you which already have been in bold letters in the back of your mind. Those people are just lovely. Aren’t they?

I will never understand this concept though. We all humans are same deep down. We go through the same emotions, the same mundane routine of life. And yet we are ready to pull each other down, to harm each other, to tear each other down instead of being there to hold when the other falls. What satisfaction do people get by making someone feel bad in their own skin? What satisfaction does anyone get by being mean and rude?

Just the thought of it makes me feel sad.

Whatever happens, there is also our mind. I do agree sometimes with people who say “no voices are meaner than the voices in our head”. So utterly true. And there is no way you can even stop it. It takes time and effort. But it always flings back. Going through the same mean words and hurting ourselves emotionally and mentally. At one point you just give up. What’s the point of going through the whole making yourself confident procedure again? No point.


Actually, no. That’s wrong.

Because nobody knows you better than you. And nobody is stronger than you yourself. Even if you think you are a coward, nobody knows but you, the fields you are the strongest in. Be it physical or emotional. Everybody has their ups and downs. Everybody is strong and weak. The only thing you can do is…believe in yourself. And others.

Don’t loose confidence. Not in yourself or your fellow friends. We all are in this together. And we all can pull each other out of the insecurities that plague our mind.

YOU can pull yourself from the words that have drowned you. You are strong enough. I know.

Too serious?

Keeping with the serious article last week, I thought why not continue with that mood again? Ha, trust me when I say this I am not that serious of a person. But sometimes things need to be said, and when I don’t have anyone to go to…I write. And hopefully, here someone reads. And maybe even helps you a little bit.

And maybe you help me back? It can happen, can’t it. In the end, we all need each other to get through.

Until next time.xx

(I will find something cheery to write about. But no promises. Oops!)



6 thoughts on “Insecurities.

  1. It is always important to have support. But I am a firm believer that we can always be our own support and friend. Learning t be my own friend has been the biggest struggle/source of happiness in my life lately. This is a really deep post and I can relate to your feelings for sure. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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