Favorite Wattpad Books.

Now, if you aren’t clear what exactly a ‘Wattpad‘ is, I will clear it for you. It’s an app, and a site where amateur writers share their love for writing by writing a novel or a poem or a short story. And the list of genres are just endless. From drama to romantic comedy, fantasy to horror, fan fiction to young adults and SO much more.

There are SO SO many books by people who write novels as a way to get an outlet, to DE-stress or it’s their favorite hobby or just for fun. And some of the “amateur” writers are so incredible that calling them amateur is like an insult.

If you are a newcomer to this fantastic site, then fear not. I am listing some of my favourite books for you down below. Which will get you through few months or weeks. (Keeping in mind your pace of reading) And after that you can browse yourself and loose your self into this reader- world.

One tip though- Always make sure the book is complete because some authors take a LOT of time to update their chapters and some just don’t have the motivation to complete it and you are left with half a book. (Yes, pointing at myself here. I was so excited when I started writing a book of sorts then I lost track, the book got too long and I wasn’t even half way through it and hence, lost motivation.)

So thank you for bearing with me this long winded intro. The list awaits you-

The misfortunes of Lolita- losangelesque


Probably my FAVORITE book yet from wattpad. Its a lot like Eleanor and Parker by Rainbow Rowell. At the same time a lot different. It’s like a collection of poems. The sentence formation, the story line….everything is incredible. And BEAUTIFUL. So beautiful.

Its about a girl called Lolita who is picked on, who is a loner and a depressed soul. And then there comes a new guy called Frank. He is not sure what he sees in Lolita. But he can’t keep himself away. Even though Lolita is not pretty. She’s just a painting in black and brown.

Kissing is the easy part- rainbowbrook


Another great read. It’s a bit long so bear with it but the writing is fantastic. It’s so realistic. All the characters make you fall in love at the same time make you angry. Just how someone you know in real world would. The story line is believable and beautifully written. Even though it’s more of a young adult genre, the writing makes it a read for everyone, no matter the age.

It’s about a rich, spoiled, but a good heart-ed girl Flora. She’s beautiful and loves fashion. But her crush turns out to be totally different from her popular girl, party, fashionista ways.  This is a love story of how this chalk and cheese couple make their relationship work with all the high school teenage stuff to go on with it.

Confessions about Colton- colourlessness


This book is more of a thriller, a suspense and makes you feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes trying to solve the mystery at the same time, make you feel like you are watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie. This is another very well written book. And seriously you are gonna be like “amateur writer? REALLY?”

This, as the same suggest is kind of about Colton Crest. He goes missing. And then a few days later is found dead. His best friend, Elliot Parker finds a mysterious letter. Which then sets him off to do a little digging of his own.

I don’t know about the ending though. I would love to discuss it with someone. Let me know if any of you read it. Then we can discuss. 😀 

Noah and Leigh- colourlessness 


I honestly LOVE this book. Not that I haven’t said it like gazillion times already. But it’s honestly GREAT. Such an easy read, oh my goodness. So beautifully written. Colourlessness, if you reading this by any chance, I NEED you to write something like this again. PLEASE.

She gives whole load of recommendations of different music and books (published books) in her novel. That’s such an added bonus. 😀

This is about two teenagers who start talking to each other through notes at a public library. And from there, there is only one way up.

Oh, Noah and Leigh. Leigh and Noah. You two cuties.

After Series- imaginator1D


To all my one direction fans, HELLO DIRECTIONERS. Now, if you don’t know about this author and this series, you really are living under a rock. This is like a wattpad HIT. Not only making this series a a best seller in a lot of places but also on its way of becoming a MOVIE.

It’s a fan fiction about the band one direction, more specifically about Harry Styles. Yet it’s totally different from the band itself. The guys don’t sing or are best mates, usually how most fan fictions go. This is just a story about people who have the name from the band. (Though the published books have another names)

I hate reading fan fiction but something drew me to this one. Maybe it was the insane about of views and reads it had or maybe it was the blurb. But when I started reading I couldn’t stop. Not only because I am a huge Harry fan, or that it’s an easy read. But the flow of the story and all the drama makes you want to read more.

It’s about a good girl Tessa, who falls for a bad boy Harry. Sounds a bit clichéd but read it. Trust me. Its amazing.

Anna Todd is just…JUST.

Okay, so this is the END of the list. If you stuck through this, well Thank YOU. I love you. You are true readers and book lovers. 😉

Read them, and I assure you, it won’t be disappointing.

Until next time. xx


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