Welcome to my dreamland. Or if going my the blog name….Reverie Land! 😉

So let me start by how I got into this.

One fine day, during a very hot day, a damsel in distress was bored out of her senses. With nothing to do, she thought why not start writing? She always loved writing and reading. She always had thoughts which if used the correct words and sentences could be interesting for some else to read.

What if other people are going through the same thoughts? She wondered. Wouldn’t they be bored? Wouldn’t they want something else to read? Something new and novel? Confused and doubting her new idea she paced around the room. Should I make this blog? Or should I just be bored everyday and write my musings in my little diary?

Well, If you are here, you know what she did. 😉

Being a shy girl, it has always been difficult for me to have the confidence to talk and give my two cents on everything like people do. Every time it seems I am doing something for someone else, to make them happy. But this is for me. Even if this blog goes nowhere, it doesn’t matter.

This is my dreamland. And its perfect the way it is. Even if it isn’t. 🙂